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who is sarah

RN with a passion for Natural Health & Sustainable Living

Sarah is a Registered Nurse with a passion for empowering others to make choices for their health that will not only be beneficial in the short-term, but will be practical and sustainable in the long-run. She is the main author and teacher here at Sensibly Sustainable where she shares practical tips for sustainable wellness.

Subsequently, through her non-profit, Nurses for Informed Consent, Sarah joins other healthcare professionals and wellness activists in advocating for better patient care; fighting for healthcare autonomy and accountability for manufacturers (from food to pharmaceuticals), working to providing safer, more sustainable, and transparent products to consumers.

Science-based Natural Health

Learn about real natural remedies that Actually work... #science #realremedies

Sustainable Living

Learn about sustainable practices in gardening, and non-toxic home living.

Becoming a patient advocate

Learn how you can become a medical advocate for yourself and your loved ones.


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