Top 10 Favorite Websites for Paleo Diet Recipes 

New to the Paleo lifestyle, or maybe just looking for some great new real food recipe resources? Got ya' covered! Here are my top 10 fav sites for Paleo diet recipes! #paleo #paleorecipes #paleodessertrecipesaff disclosure
So, I’m not Totally into the whole Paleo deal… I like to think of myself as more Paleo-ish… but I think there is definitely some merit to the nutrient density found in the Paleo diet (or variations of similar real food diets). If you’re new to the Paleo lifestyle or just looking for some great new real food resources… I’ve got ya’ covered. The Paleo community offers tons of delicious real food eats, and I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite websites for Paleo diet recipes… you’ll definitely want to check out all of these awesome Paleo websites!

Nom Nom Paleo

As the name suggests… Nom Nom Paleo offers recipes that will leave you saying “nom nom nom”…. delicious and satisfying. Being on a paleo diet isn’t all about eating tons of meat and fat… it’s about finding a healthy balance and a more natural approach to nutrition. Check out Nom Nom Paleo’s delicious paleo diet recipes here.


OMG is right… del-i-cious. PaleOMG has got it goin’ on in the kitchen! I especially like her sweet treats and shakes. Be sure to check out everything else PaleOMG has to offer here.

Civilized Caveman Cooking

George, the author of this incredibly tasty blog delivers nothing but the best in Paleo deliciousness… bring on the bacon! He’s a family man… and although his recipes are definitely 5-star restaurant worthy, they are surprisingly super fun and easy to make. This is what Paleo’s all about… taking the whole “caveman diet” thing to a whole ‘notha level! Click here for all of George’s delicious caveman-y recipes!

Stupid Easy Paleo

As the name implies… recipes found on Stupid Easy Paleo are… well… stupid easy. That, and super yummy. Lots of snack recipes too, which is why I particularly like this site. Check out Stupid Easy Paleo to see just how easy Paleo cooking really can be!

Paleo Cupboard

If you love drooling over magazine-esque food pics while dreaming about the standing applause you’ll get after cooking the most amazing Paleo dinner of.all.time… then this is your site. The recipes are just as delicious as they look. Click here to start dreaming about your life as a master Paleo chef!


These recipes are right up my alley… anything that doesn’t require a major overhaul of a clean up is a win. PaleoPot dishes up tons of recipes that are perfect for hardly-do-anything crock-pot meals. Slow cooker Paleo is the best kind of Paleo! Get out your crock pot (or should we say Grok pot… *snort*) and check out these awesome Paleo diet recipes on PaleoPot.

Real Plans {Paleo}

This really is my favorite resource for Paleo recipes ever. Not only is this awesome resource chock full of delicious and easy recipes for all your needs, it also doubles as a meal planner and shopping list. You can cater it to your needs and the shopping list automatically updates with what you’ll need to buy for the week to make all your meals. It’s affordable and Totally worth it! Check out the Real Plans Paleo meal plans service here to learn more.


Paleo Parents

Affordable real food Paleo recipes, with down-to-earth, supportive Paleo community… I like it. Stacy and Matt are real people on a mission to help others live healthier lives through the Paleo lifestyle. They have several cookbooks that are awesome as well… Check out the Paleo Parents delish and practical recipes here.

The Paleo Mom

So. Many. Recipes. Seriously… more Paleo recipes than you could probably hope to make in a year… at least. Sarah Ballantyne, aka the Paleo Mom, and her PhD leave very little to be desired in the kitchen. And, living up to her name, you can bet on some kid-friendly Paleo snacks and dishes as well! Check ’em all out here.

Paleo Grubs

Speaking of All the Paleo recipes you could ever hope or imagine… check out Paleo Grubs. This one’s one of my favorites for obvious reasons… more magazine-worthy pics that make you wish you could reach through your computer and chow down… and simplicity. Lots to choose from, including all the basics that make the Paleo diet great! Get all the grub here.

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New to the Paleo lifestyle, or maybe just looking for some great new real food recipe resources? Got ya' covered! Here are my top 10 fav sites for Paleo diet recipes! #paleo #paleorecipes #paleodessertrecipes

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